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Dedicated to work of Fine Italian Shirts, Aayat is a menswear brand that takes inspiration from the worldís creatives: those who work, dream, do, and have fun, day and night.

Inspired to print and play
Custom-designed prints, removable and changeable cuffs and collars, and subtle design details create distinctive, individual looks.

All of that combines with high quality materials and an unshaking pursuit of function and style. We source our fabric from renowned textile mills around the world to ensure we create a smooth, slim fit with all the movement and flexibility needed from the office to everything you do after hours.

Committed to something more
We believe that fashion can have a higher purpose. We believe that honest hard work should be respected and rewarded. We believe that Fair Trade and fair treatment can make steps to a more just world.

Thatís why the workers in our factory are paid an average of 32% more than the government-approved salaries for their positions. Thatís why we know their names, know their ages, know who they are, and respect what they do for every piece of our clothing. And thatís why we share that information with you as well. In each shipment, youíll receive information about the people who brought your shirt to you because that matters.
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