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French Shirts

Oscar Paris Started in a small town in Italy by Oscar Giola, where he worked as a tailor, Oscar taught his son the art of creating a well crafted garment. Where the business transfer from father to son.

Today, Oscar Clothing is featured in high-end boutiques world-wide, and is known for its semi-traditional way. Oscar has attracted guests with its constant creativity and authentic style respectful of French expertise. Exported to hundreds of worldwide sales outlets, Oscar becomes a benchmark of elegance to the French. Regarding suits, two main lines are emerging. A first, the city, to be elegant everyday, and a second, the ceremony for all occasions which mark your life. Moreover, these are the little children of Oscar who took a passion for shirts. Every day, new models are conceived to offer you a new regular line from the noble to the basic chic fantasy. All models are exclusive and unique to our image of masculine elegance.