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Isaac B jeans collection is made of the finest Italian denim available in the Italian fashion design that brings a lot of new and innovative design details that makes them stand out in a crowd and also offers you comfort when wearing them. The jeans come in great colors: white, shades of light and dark blue, red, tan or black and some of them also have some very cool and trendy vintage wash to them. The thorn details or the special rushing effect that some of them have will give you a rebel touch to the outfit. Each and every one of these jeans is designed with great attention to detail and will fit you perfectly because of their great cut and fit. All the jeans have specific zip lines and stitching details that contribute a lot to their style and general appearance. Even the pockets come in different shapes, sizes and cuts some of them are round, but all of them compliment the entire design of the jeans. Isaac B jeans are a perfect choice for the modern man that want to be in touch with the latest fashion trends but also cares about the quality and comfort offered by them.