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Mario Latorre started 25 years ago by Mario Latorre. The brand had a very humble beginning as Mario Latorre created and crafted custom pieces for his clients that offer impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity. What started as a small is now growing into a world-wide brand. A few key aspect of what separate Mario Latorre collection from any other collections:
Smart luxury connections (using proprietary nano-technology that they co-developed with one of the biggest nano-tech companies in the world). Water resistant leather. The leather is treated and cured for 24hrs, that result in a truly remarkable product.
The Material and Workmanship- Mario Latorre collection include hand picked emeralds from the mines of muzo Colombia (that are sent to specialized jewelers to have each stone place by hand in each individual crest). Soon after are sent to master craftsman which then incorporate Italian hardware, that give life to each design. Each Bag is sent to the USA and is treated with nano-technology, that result in the product being more resistant to the damaging elements and prolonging the lifespan of the leather.Mario Latorre bags are in part made in South America and finished in the US requiring a handmade process each step of the way and is complete with hardware made in Italy.

Exotic Skins= The s
ource of every single item in this specific class, has complied with all national and international environmental rules and regulations; which in part is the “CITES” organization. This worldwide program supervises and monitors all aspects of this side of the industry and consequently, all our product is issued a badge number and an authentication card to prove the origin and veracity of our environmental responsibility.

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